When We Work  
After months of extensive planning and preparation, Rebuilding Together Portage culminates on National Rebuilding Day, usually the last Saturday in April.

How It Works

Rebuilding Together Portage takes its cue from the old fashioned idea of “barn raising”, with as many as 75 skilled and unskilled volunteers assigned to a particular project.  Homeowners are frequently amazed at the sheer number of people who come out to lend them a helping hand; they are even more amazed at the massive amount of work that can be accomplished by caring volunteers in a short period of time!
Why It Works
Rebuilding Together Portage does more with less.  Every dollar spent is leveraged with over $4 in donated goods and services.  It works because it’s neighbor-helping-neighbor to build safer and stronger communities.


Our Face Book page had to be re-done.  Look for us Portage Rebuilding Together.  We lost all contacts!

From May through August we hang up our hammers.  See you in September!

Our meetings are held at the Bonner Senior Center Warehouse on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Together  we  can  make a difference!